Elbow – Magnificent (She Says)

Elbow – “Magnificent (She Says)” Verse A—|A—|G—|G—| D—| D—|G—| G—| A—|A—|G—|G—| D—| D—|G—| G—| Pre-chorus Bm—|Bm—|A—|E—| C#—|F#m—|F#m—|C#m—|C#—| Chorus D*—|D*—|A—|A—| D*—|D*—|A—|A—| Substitutions: *You can use a Dmaj7 for these D chords, and the strings touch on that maj7 note If¬†strumming on an acoustic guitar, I like using an Asus2 [x02200] for the fourth measure of the¬†A […]