Irish Songs

Galway Bay by the Clancy Brothers

“Galway Bay” by Clancy Brothers Use capo 3 Verse 1 Maybe someday (C), I’ll go back again to (G7) Ireland If my dear (G7) old wife would only (C) pass away She nearly has (C) my heart broke with all her (Dm) naggin she’s got a (G) mouth as big as Galway (C) Bay Verse […]

Whiskey You’re the Devil by Clancy Brothers

“Whiskey You’re the Devil” by the Clancy Brothers Whiskey [C] you’re the devil, you’re [F] leadin’ me astray [C] Over [F] hills and [C] mountains and [G] to Americae You’re [C] sweeter, stronger, decenter, [F] you’re spunkier than tae [F] O [C] whiskey, you’re my darlin’ drunk or [G] sober [C] Oh, [C] now, brave […]